04/21/2014 - Pecos Pointe Apartments; 160 Units in Las Vegas, NV; Starting Bid: $2,000,000; Bid Deposit Amount: $25,000; Property Address: 1650 North Pecos Road; Bidding Starts: 04/21/2014
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The New Park At Sylvan
The New Park At Sylvan
Atlanta, GA
Sale Price: $2,700,000
Square Feet: 138,688 SF
Units: 166
Price Per Unit: $16,265

Celadon Townhomes
Celadon Townhomes
Norcross, GA
Price: $4,025,000
Square Feet: 104,644 SF
Units: 98

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Economy Watch: Initial Unemployment Claims Reaches Another Low
04/18/2014 - For the week ending April 12, initial unemployment claims came in at an annualized 304,000, an uptick of 2,000 from the previous week’s revised level, according to the U.S. Department of Labor on Thursday. Last week the weekly claims rate was at a post-recession low...-->
Resident Retention Tips: 3 Steps to Successful Service Recovery
04/16/2014 - These six words printed on a beautiful card a friend of mine received from a stationery company when they messed up her custom order. Along with the card, she received two free packages of monogramed stationery and a discount on her original order.-->
Why the 2014 Housing Market is Looking Good
04/14/2014 - When the Great Recession hit in earnest five years ago, many predicted a long, slow recovery for the U.S. housing market and massive changes to the designs of U.S. homes. Thankfully, these predictions never came-->
The parabolic curve of peaks and troughs: Where are we?
04/11/2014 - It seems that a while ago all real estate literature was pointing to a complete Boston Metropolitan area multifamily recovery from 2009 lows of the Great Recession. Moreover, most were citing high demand, very low supply, with rent and values thus rising dramatically.-->
Apartment Demand Surges as Rental Prices Increase
04/08/2014 - Rental prices for U.S. apartments rose 6% from 2000 to 2012, while incomes among renters dropped 13%, according to Newsday. This has led to an increasing affordability gap for renters, many of whom cannot afford to purchase a home.-->
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04/18/2014 - MG Properties Group has acquired four properties in California that total 770 units.
04/16/2014 - An affiliate of Woodbury, N.Y.-based CLK Properties has paid $3.8 million for the 118-unit Pinnacle Apartments at 305 S. Bellevue Blvd. in Midtown, TN.
04/14/2014 - The Arcade Apartments in the heart of downtown Racine, WI, sold for $4.05 million to an investor group.
04/14/2014 - Newport Beach, Calif.-based MIG Realty has acquired the 168-unit Copper Terrace in Centennial, CO.
04/14/2014 - Mack-Cali Realty Corp. has aquired a 220-unit property in Andover, MA, for nearly $38 million.
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Canyon Springs Apartments
Phoenix, AZ
Sale Price: $11,850,000
Square Feet: 144,527 SF
Units: 203
Price Per Unit: $58,374
Magnolia Gardens
Cartersville, GA
Sale Price: $1,500,000
Square Feet: 27,372 SF
Units: 52
Price Per Unit: $28,846
The Arlington Apartments
Jacksonville, FL
Sale Price: $8,500,000
Square Feet: 244,608 SF
Units: 228
Price Per Unit: $37,281
Hagos Park Apartments
Atlanta, GA
Sale Price: $3,250,000
Square Feet: 93,212 SF
Units: 136
Price Per Unit: $23,897
Bridge Creek and Colonial Valley
Louisville, KY
Sale Price: $2,251,000
Square Feet: 44,416 SF
Units: 57
Price Per Unit: $39,491
Florida Gardens
Denver, CO
Sale Price: $5,450,000
Square Feet: 40,830 SF
Units: 52
Price Per Unit: $104,808
Oak Apartments
Clute, TX
Sale Price: $562,000
Square Feet: 11,346 SF
Units: 21
Price Per Unit: $26,762
Brentwood Meadows
Atlanta, GA
Sale Price: $1,000,000
Square Feet: 54,768 SF
Units: 72
Price Per Unit: $13,889
North Seattle 64 Unit
Seattle, WA
Sale Price: $8,900,000
Square Feet: 48,105 SF
Units: 64
Price Per Unit: $139,063
Rialto Condominiums
Tempe, AZ
Sale Price: $1,995,000
Square Feet: 17,560 SF
Units: 23
Price Per Unit: $86,739
The New Park At Sylvan
Atlanta, GA
Sale Price: $2,700,000
Square Feet: 138,688 SF
Units: 166
Price Per Unit: $16,265
Summit at Cross Creek Apartments
Central, SC
Sale Price: $23,500,000
Square Feet: 306,600 SF
Units: 250
Price Per Unit: $94,000
Country Aire Apartments
Goodyear, AZ
Sale Price: $2,965,000
Square Feet: 45,154 SF
Units: 60
Price Per Unit: $49,417
Sierra Ridge
Atlanta, GA
Sale Price: $4,000,000
Square Feet: 180,080 SF
Units: 238
Price Per Unit: $16,807

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